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LoPHAT Production News Update

LoPHAT is raising the bar on our world class bass cabinet, with the introduction of the HF 104 compression driver and WG 101 Wave Guide from Faital Pro.The HF 104 compression driver able to withstand 40 watts of nominal power, with a 37mm voice coil, it completes the range of high frequency drivers with a 1″ mouth. The ketone polymer diaphragm was selected for its great strength and ability to withstand high temperatures.
Demonstrating very soft and extended tone features, it guarantees a much better frequency extension in comparison to other compression drivers with titanium domes.
FaitalPRO made several important choices such as the implementation of neodymium magnets and an optimized phase plug. The HF104 driver boasts a sensitivity of 108 dB with a minimum recommended crossover frequency at 1700 Hz. To complement the HF104 compression drive we utilized the all aluminium FaitalPro WG 101 Wave Guide, this bolt on lens has a 1″ Throat Diameter with a 140 Degree Horizontal Nominal Coverage, a mounting Height of 4.81″ and Width of 3.39″

LoPHAT News Update

LoPHAT Cabinets will be introducing our newly revised cabinets for 2018, the revised cabinets will join our other three way offerings of the AF212, AF115, and AF112. Now the AF410, AF210, and AF208 will also be available as a 3 way isolated cabinet. Each of these offerings will come standard with the HF104 compression driver and the Wave Guide 101. The new offerings will also incorporate a Faital Pro 99dB 5 inch midrange driver. Cabinet height on the AX210 and AX112 has been reduced from 23 inches to 19 inches courtesy of two 5 inch round ports. The foot print will remain the the same for the entire line of cabinets 23″ wide by 17″ deep.

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