About our Speaker Enclosures

Since LoPHAT Cabinets is dedicated to building the highest quality product that offers superior sound and flawless construction, our number one goal, since inception, has been to combine excellent design and exacting craftsmanship into a package optimized for the LoPHAT tone that every bass player deserves, whether it be at rehearsal, a gig, in the studio or practicing in your room.

To achieve the LoPHAT tone, our cabinets are:

  1. Software engineered to optimize the performance of selected components.
  2. Hand-Crafted in our shop where everyone is cut from amazingly light and incredibly strong 5/8 inch Italian Poplar lite ply utilizing dado joint construction.
  3. Crossed over, braced, ported and insulated for a smooth transition from thundering lows to sparkling highs.
  4. Covered in a highly durable finish of black polyurea, a polymer coating virtually unmatched in strength and abrasion resistance.
  5. Finished with sturdy hardware that stands up to the daily riggers of load-ins/load-outs.
  6. Sonically transparent via the installation of a vibration-free steel grill.For musicians desiring flexibility in arranging their system, LoPHAT Cabinets are designed to be intermixed and stacked either vertically or horizontally. In addition, an easily installed/removed cart dolly is available to aid in transporting each LoPHAT Cabinet.