Sean Byrd

Born and raised in San Antonio, Tx, Sean Byrd began playing music at an early age. When he was 8 years old, he began playing the piano. When he entered middle school, he began playing the saxophone in the middle school band. Sean discovered his greatest musical interest when he began playing the bass guitar at age 14. 

Sean Byrd experienced his most significant musical growth playing music in church. “Most of my musical influences were musicians in my church.” 

Sean Byrd was born into a musical family. Both of his parents and his two sisters played musical instruments. “There were instruments all over our house. In every room, there was some type of instrument.” 

Sean Byrd has performed with many well known Jazz, Gospel and Christian artists. He has played on numerous recordings. Sean also conducts musical workshops on occassion.

Sean Byrd studied music in college and received his bachelors degree in music. In college, Sean was selected to perform with the Texas All-State Junior College Jazz Ensemble.

Sean Byrd composed the film score for the movie, “Three Verses” which was written by his sister, Shanna Byrd, and released by AFI (American Film Institute) in 2008.

From 2012 to 2016, Sean Byrd served as the senior pastor of The Transformation Fellowship in San Antonio, TX. Prior to becoming a pastor, Sean served many years in music ministry and other ministry related duties. 

Sean Byrd is currently the Assistant Music Director at Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, TX, under the leadership of Pastor John Hagee.

Sean Byrd married his wife, Brandy, in 2006. They have 3 children, Tyler, Savannah, and Sahalie. “My family inspires me in so many ways. They greatly inspire me musically.”

Sean Byrd loves to inspire upcoming musicians. Through his partnership company,, Sean seeks to provide musical insight to bass guitarists and other musicians.